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Learn about our Swedish medicinal plants and different preparation methods for making your own potent medicine. Two intense days that will reverse your view of weeds and give you the power to prevent and treat many common symptoms and imbalances.


Next current course:  

  9-10 July: Live on Ingarö outdoors

  Teacher: Lisa Kock


Herbal medicine for the treatment of the stomach and intestines

Anatomical journey through the gastrointestinal tract and its enzymes, bacteria, digestion and nutrient uptake. You will learn to treat different parts of the system with medicinal plants and get rid of problems such as indigestion, IBS, SIBO, inflamed intestine, poor bacterial flora, constipation, liver weakness and much more. With herbs and a holistic way of thinking about the stomach / gut, you can treat imbalances and diseases effectively and without side effects.

Next course: 3-4 September at a distance via zoom. Teacher Lisa Kock


Herbal medicine for mental health

You will learn to see mental illness from different angles and how to strengthen the part of the hormonal system that can get out of balance with prolonged stress, burnout, fatigue, adrenal fatigue and different degrees of depression. Many medicinal plants can strengthen the body's glands and contribute to an increased amount of hormones and neurotransmitters that give us energy, joy and desire back.

Next course: 15-16 October at a distance via zoom. Teacher Lisa Kock


Herbal medicine for the hormone system

Do you want to learn how to treat hormonal imbalances such as PMS, menopause, infertility and thyroid problems? With herbal medicine, you can safely and effectively affect levels of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid hormone, without side effects, to restore the body's natural balance throughout all life cycles. 

Next course: 12-13 November at a distance via zoom. Teacher Lisa Kock.


Herbal medicine for Inflammation and pain problems

Inflammation is present in virtually all diseases and pain conditions. In this course you will learn about the causes of inflammation and treatment of muscles, joints, lymphatic system and connective tissue. Connections between diet and inflammation as well as effective treatment with herbal medicine and nutrition. 

Next course: January 7-8 at a distance via zoom. Teacher Lisa Kock

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