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Our Medical Yoga is inspired by kundalini yoga and yin yoga, both calm, gentle methods that  balances the body and mood.

Each individual workout is designed for a specific purpose such as supporting the hormonal system, reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system or releasing tension in the muscles. Everyone can do it at their level.


Book a consultation with Lisa Kock where you go through your exact physical and mental needs. After that, she tailors a yoga session for you to perform exactly when you want. 

Yoga subscription

One day a week you get to experience harmony with  Live yoga yoga. One hour of yoga in a group both turns thoughts and releases tension. Soft, calm and in AYNI. 

Introduction to medical yoga

Everyone can participate, regardless of starting point. You need nothing more than a computer or smartphone, a cushion to sit / lie on and soft clothes. Once a month, no lock-in period! 

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