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Curriculum for Aromatherapy education online 2021-2022  


Solid distance education live via zoom with sound, image and the possibility of interaction.

The courses can be read separately if you have a specific interest in an area.


Basic course:

The doctrine of essential oil and methods of home treatment. Husapoteket's oils. Introduction to Ayurveda and essential oil linked to various zodiac signs. 21-22 May 2022  

Essential oil and gastrointestinal problems:

How we can affect the different parts of digestion. Among other things, we learn about indigestion, IBS, intestinal inflammation, the intestine's own nervous system and the connection between intestine and brain. We learn to make soups against parasites, constipation and other ailments. 28-30 January 2022  

Essential and vegetable oils for the skin:

Deep diving in different fats and how we can mix products, serums and  make simple ointments. We also enter the world of hydrolates and learn about how we can use them internally and externally as medicine and in beauty care. 1-3 April 2022  

Essential oils and the hormonal system:

How the oils can affect and different application methods. How we counteract symptoms at different menopausal lives, how we treat PMS, increase fertility and live our lives in greater harmony. We talk about the body's glands and how these are connected to the chakra system. We learn to use oils to balance the chakras. April 29-May 1, 2022  

Pain, pain, inflammation, circulation and lymphatic system:  How we can influence with essential oils and specific recipes for problems in the musculoskeletal system.  27-29 May 2022  

Essential oil for the treatment of animals, physical and emotional ailments:

Essential oil for ceremonies and rituals, to lift heavy energy, cleanse one's light body etc. 1-3 July 2022  

Ayurveda, specialization:

We learn to make medicinal ghee, oils for different doshas, to make herbal oils in an Ayurvedic way and treat symptoms according to ayurveda. The course also includes various oils for the zones of the feet and hands as well as other connection points.

16-18 September  

Massage course:  

Massage blocks for those who want to become a certified aromatherapist are offered below    

in the summer of 2022 on site on Ingarö  25-28 August 2022 

This includes another graduation day with a massage test and a written test  

and closing ceremony, also on site on Ingarö in    

Stockholm archipelago. Date: Friday, September 30th  2022  


You can read all courses online for your own sake without becoming certified      

Aromatherapy masseur, or all courses as a vocational training. The education is approved by KMR - The Swedish National Association of Complementary Medicine. All course days are recorded for those who cannot attend live at every opportunity.  


Teacher: Lisa Kock

Award:  3800 kr  


Included:  9-10 essential oils that we cover in the course. These will be mailed to you before the course. The oils are first-class from the Pranarom brand and of therapeutic quality.  


NOTE.  If there are fewer than eight participants, the course will be moved forward, so registration in good time  



Course times:  Friday- 18-20, Saturday- 11-16, Sunday- 11-16


Questions and registration to Alva Mörner 

Administrative Manager; ,

or phone 08-6424040 

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