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Treatments - Lisa Kock

Shaman treatment

We work with shamanic methods of Peruvian origin. We are trained by and work with the Four Winds Society and Alberto Villoldo. Here in Ingarö you can come to a session that can help you let go of toxic patterns that use your energy and in the long run create ill health. In the treatment, we focus on the flow stops in the vital life energy that prevent you from working to your full potential.

We remove heavy energy and can draw your attention to negative ties to situations and people that make you feel locked in a certain emotional pattern. It happens that entities attach to the energy body and create pain, fatigue or depression. This can often be affected with the help of these techniques.

Price for 90 minutes: SEK 1,500

Therapists: Lisa Kock, Björn Branth

Reflexology and health consultation

Review of your overall health and treatment of feet and lower legs that effectively balances a range of physical ailments such as body pain, inflammation, hormonal problems and symptoms from stomach and digestion. Can be combined with microsystem acupuncture, su jok therapy and moxa for even better results. Recommendation of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements are included.

Price for 90 minutes (first visit): SEK 1,200
Price for 60 minutes: SEK 850

Therapist: Lisa Kock

Frequency therapy

Through frequency therapy, you have the opportunity to measure excess bacteria, viruses, fungi and various parasites in the body. By scanning the bacteria's own frequency, you can measure the degree of, for example, Lyme disease, herpes virus, candida or disruptive pathogenic bacteria. If the measurement shows an excess of something that disturbs the general condition and in the worst case creates disease, these can be treated by sending electrical signals into the body with a corresponding frequency. At the same time, you can also treat purposefully with herbs and nutrition to achieve the best possible results.

The environment in the body is very important for us to be able to stay healthy and balanced. If the pH value is disturbed for a long time, a breeding ground is created for disease-causing microbes, parasites and viruses. In order for us to be able to find our way back to health and harmony, we need to balance the body as a whole with diet, nutrition and stress management. We can speed up the process if we simultaneously eliminate the disruptive intruders that parasitize on us, over which our immune system has no control. In sick people there is always an excess of negative parasites, bacteria or viruses that make our healing difficult.

Frequency therapy can be effective in, among other things.  

  • stomach problem

  • skin problems

  • virus outbreak

  • fungal infections

  • mold infestation in the lungs and respiratory tract.

In addition to booking a session with frequency therapy with us, it is also possible to buy your own frequency device from us for home treatment, or rent one at a favorable price.

Price for scanning and treatment, 90 minutes: SEK 1,500
Price for return visit: SEK 850
Therapist: Lisa Kock

Telephone consultation  


We offer a number of different treatments tailored to you. If you are unsure of which treatment is right for you, just book a telephone consultation with Lisa Kock where you explain how you are feeling. After that, we can book an appointment for you to come and visit us on Ingarö 30 minutes from Stockholm.  

Telephone consultation 30 min:  300 kr


Treatments - Björn Branth

Back consultation  

Meeting with specialist orthopedist and back surgeon Björn Branth who can make a diagnosis and give you a treatment strategy for back pain. You get explanations for the cause behind your pain and how you can best get back to mobility and go towards healing. Manipulation treatment is included if necessary.


Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy where deep relaxation / trance is used to solve problems by effectively reaching the root cause of the problem. During the treatment, this is processed and the client can come to an understanding. The method can be used for addiction problems, weight problems, anxiety, depression and to break other destructive patterns. Most diseases can be affected by hypnotherapy, sometimes very quickly. You always have full control and contribute to the result.

Price for 90 minutes:  1,500 kronor
  Björn Branth

Regression hypnosis

Classic hypnotherapy that also includes flashbacks to past lives and processing of patterns created far back in time. Deep relaxation / trance is used to solve problems that lie in the subconscious. Here you can find answers to the more profound existential questions, such as your meaning in life, and unwanted behaviors and repeated emotions that stand in the way of your well-being. You always have full control and contribute to the result.

Price for 180 minutes: SEK 2,500
Therapist: Björn Branth

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