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Detox course

Welcome you who feel ready to turn many of the performances you have had upside down, who want to let go of old roles and patterns and start growing outside the box. The courses are a therapist training that gives you many techniques and tools to be able to work with Shamanic healing methods.
It is also a journey you make in yourself and with the group.
The techniques can be combined with other therapeutic work or as the only method to help people heal, both physically and emotionally. We will learn during the training that our emotional patterns manifest in our physical body and often create imbalances. The techniques we use heal the cause of suffering and open up the possibility for us to stand in our power and live to our full potential.

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A course in four directions

Course 1: 

Learn the basics of Shamanic healing and thinking about man as a Holistic being. We begin to train to feel the difference between our physical body and the light body that permeates our cells and surrounds the physical body.  


Course 2: 

In the West, we learn more about the medicine wheel and apply techniques such as the removal of toxic bands, the extraction of disruptive energies and entities from ourselves and from our clients. We practice reading a person at different levels.  


Course 3: 

The art of performing a soul retrieval which is a shamanic technique for calling home missing soul parts or parts of our power that we are no longer in contact with. We become acquainted with the realm of the dead and learn to cooperate with different power animals.
We approach the plant kingdom and look at which plants are suitable for use for nourishing, cleansing and protective purposes. We learn to make our own medicine and preparations to use for rites and ceremonies.
Fire ceremony to let go of our roles and come out with our true identity.
In the north, we focus on the medicine of the soul and on becoming co-creators of our lives.


Course 4: 

This course is about our contact with the total energy and we travel in the upper worlds. We learn about how the mountains store knowledge and we work with light healing and crystal energy. We practice influencing our destinies by focusing on what is possible instead of what is likely.
We own our projections and help ourselves and others to see that our reception of reality is a filter that we can change at any time.
We learn to perform death rites and participate in passages to the other side.
Meditation and contemplation.
Integration of knowledge in our lives and work.

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