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Health is more than just the absence of disease. By eating better, detoxifying the body, exercising, living and thinking differently, we can affect our lives and feel happier. We work daily with patients from a holistic perspective and treat body and psyche at the same time. We provide suggestions for lifestyle changes, diet regulation, exercise, medical yoga and herbal and nutritional medicine.

We now also offer a week-long detox program where you can reprogram the body to increase metabolism and activate the genes in the cells that contribute to health and well-being. The program is very helpful for you who suffer from physical or mental problems such as gastrointestinal problems, body pain, hormonal disorders, infertility problems or depression. It is also a program for you who just want more energy, a lighter body and a clearer brain.

Grow a new body program is created by David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo, who both wrote bestsellers on how to detoxify and upgrade all the body's cells, not least in the brain. David Perlmutter is a specialist in neurology with a clinic in Florida where these methods are used for neurological diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Alberto Villoldo is a professor of psychology and has spent most of his life studying shamanic healing methods for deep, lasting healing. He has started a school in the USA that trains therapists in shamanic healing, and a health center in Chile where they work with the latest research on body and brain.

Our retreat in Costa Rica

We work together with Alberto Villoldo with detox programs and healing and have also been asked to spread the knowledge in Europe. As part of this, we are now taking Swedish groups (maximum ten people) to Costa Rica to be able to implement the program with maximum support for each individual. We teach a number of simple techniques that create great changes in people's lives.

In the retreat, we connect the program in Chile with our own methods and experiences from school and alternative medicine, healing and medical yoga.
Our starting point is both how the body works and how we can influence the body and energy system both during and after the retreat via functional medicine. The idea is that you should bring home knowledge and tools that can affect your life in the future as well.


Detox program:  Diet, mineral supplements, glutathione and herbs.

Treatments:  Health consultation of us as a doctor and naturopath. Individual advice for diet and nutrition. Massage and shamanic healing.

Lectures:  Detox and health from a holistic perspective.

Medical yoga:  Daily exercise with relaxation and meditation.

Award:  SEK 23,000 including everything except travel expenses.  Place:  Costa Rica, Punta Uva  

Next Detox Opportunity: Via Zoom April 18-24, 2022.  

Price: 2200 kr  

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