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Therapeutic yoga form that everyone can practice at their own level. The movements are slow to give space to feel the body, breathe properly and make the muscles relax. Just half an hour of yoga changes the hormonal picture in the body, makes us softer, frees us from feelings of stress and changes our feelings and emotions.

Medical Yoga has been shown in studies to be effective against:  

- Back pain  

- Heart disease  

- Stress symptoms  

- Migraine  

We include medical yoga in our retreats and you can also book a private yoga consultation with us to get an individually tailored yoga program for home training.  

Price for 90 min:  1500 kr

Instructor: Lisa Kock



With our yoga numbering, you can let yourself unwind and relax for an hour a week. Follow the session Live or when you have time, completely at your own level. Your yoga teacher Lisa Kock has many years of experience and she can guarantee that the calm, soft and therapeutic yoga will help you with at least one of your symptoms.  

Each session is unique and is mostly aimed at the following:  

- Low energy / fatigue

- Stiffness and pain

- Hormonal imbalances

- Depression, burnout

- Prevention of the above and strengthens the immune system

Award:  SEK 300 / month


Email Alva to subscribe 


Once a month we offer a beginner class online in Medical yoga. We do yoga together via zoom, where you have sound and image. You get an explanation of the movements, breathing exercises and the various effects you can expect such as lower stress levels, less tension and inflammation in the body as well as a positive effect on the hormonal system and thereby the mood.


Everyone can participate, regardless of starting point. You need nothing more than a computer or smartphone, a cushion to sit / lie on and soft clothes.


There is room for you to ask questions after class.


You register for the next class , or if you prefer to call 08-6424040 weekdays 10-15. The introductory course is 70 minutes and costs SEK 200, which is invoiced to your email upon registration.

Next opportunity: 24th February 2022 - at 19.00  



Yoga teacher: Lisa Kock



Warm welcome! 

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