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Welcome you who feel ready to turn many of the performances you have had upside down, who want to let go of old roles and patterns and start growing outside the box. The courses are a therapist training that gives you many techniques and tools to be able to work with Shamanic healing methods on clients, but it is also a journey you make in yourself and with the group.

The techniques can be combined with other therapeutic work or as the only method to help people heal, both physically and emotionally. We will learn during the training that our emotional patterns manifest in our physical body and often create imbalances. The techniques we use heal the cause of suffering and open up the possibility for us to stand in our power and live to our full potential.


Course 1 - South: 12-15 May 2022

Learn the basics of Shamanic healing and human thinking
as a holistic being. We start training to feel the difference in ours
physical body and the light body that permeates our cells and surrounds
the physical body.

We build an altar that also becomes a healing tool when we
begin to teach us techniques such as the illumination process that we can then
apply to clients. It is a way to release the light body from
memories and programming that prevent us from becoming those people
we are meant to be.

We learn to give and receive protective straps that make it easier to
separate our own energy from the outside world, especially important if we
working as therapists.

Review of the principles and rites of the chakra system where strong, shamanic
archetypes are planted as seeds in our energy centers and become ours
companions for the rest of our trip.

In this course we also learn to take care of our physical bodies
yoga and energizing breathing exercises. We connect to the earth and
the feminine principle. We use techniques to take us
away from harmful levels of stress where the goal is a state where we can
stop healing and start growing.

Course 2 - West: 16-19 June 2022

In the West, we learn more about the medicine wheel and apply techniques such as
removal of toxic bands, extraction of interfering energies and
entities from ourselves and from our clients. We practice that
reading a person at different levels;

- the body

- the emotional body

- soul level

- energy level

to more easily understand where the symptoms and emotional expressions are
origin and to be able to help to remedy
the problem of origin.

We learn to call in directions and open sacred spaces to work
safely and securely under protection. We learn to keep our own system
separate from others and recognize blockages in the light field. We learn
us the art of tracking, of not only seeing the world as it is, but as
it really is.

We work with family relationships and settlements with our ancestors for
to heal inherited traumas, both forwards and backwards through the generations.

We work with power stones and continue to build up energy in our tools.

Course 3 - North: 18-21 August 2022

The art of performing a soul retrieval which is a shamanic technique to
cold homes lacked soul parts or parts of our power that we do not
longer in contact with. We get to know the lower world and learn
to collaborate with different power animals.

We approach the plant kingdom and look at which plants are suitable for
use for nourishing, cleansing and protective purposes. We learn that
make our own medicine and preparations to use for rites and

Fire ceremony to let go of our roles and come out with our true identity.

In the North, we focus on the medicine of the soul and on becoming a co - creator of our lives.

Course 4 - East: 22-25 September 2022

This course is about our contact with the total energy. We travel in
the upper worlds and teaches us to assist our ancestors. We learn
about how the mountains store knowledge and we work with light healing and
crystal energy. We practice influencing our destinies by focusing
on what is possible instead of on what is probable.

We own our projections and help ourselves and others to see that
discover that our reception of reality is a filter that we reach
can change at any time.

We learn to perform death rites and participate in passages to others
side and to help people come to an end at life's different
transition phases.

Meditation and contemplation.

Integration of knowledge in our lives and work.



Head teacher: Lisa Kock, trained and certified by Alberto Villoldo
through the Four Winds Soceity in Chile.

Lisa is also a Phytotherapist, Nutrition Therapist, Medical Yoga Therapist
and works with many different body balancing techniques.

Assistant teacher: Björn Branth, trained and certified by Four Winds.

Björn works as a back surgeon / specialist orthopedist but also with Shamanska
healing techniques and as a regression hypnotist.






Cost: SEK 5,800 per block, can be paid before each occasion. Course material included.  

Diplomas are issued after the end of the course year.  

Registration to  no later than 15 / 4-2022. Registration is binding and applies to all four steps.  




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